Why do I need a Bookkeeper?

Every business needs accurate and timely bookkeeping to understand their cash flow and make informed decisions. Whether you hire an employee or use an outside contractor, you will need a bookkeeper. Your bookkeeper will keep track of the day to day transactions for your business in QuickBooks, organized and easily accessible.

Why are financial projections necessary?

Financial projections are estimates of future business activities. By estimating the future, you have a target goal to reach. You have a frame of reference. The chief value of financial projections for a business owner is not so much the attempt to predict the future with accuracy, as it is the plan to set a target or goal to work toward.

How does QuickFit Bookkeeping Solutions LLC billing work?

Businesses are so different, our preference is that you contact us @ 206-795-5557 for a complimentary phone consultation.

Can QuickFit Bookkeeping Solutins LLC train my office staff in basic bookkeeping?

Absolutely. We can provide as much training or as little training as necessary to ensure that your office staff is able to keep your business books in an accurate and timely manner. Just ask and we’ll gladly quote your training needs.

I already have an accountant who does my taxes. Would QuickFit Bookkeeping Solutions LLC work with my accountant at tax time?

We will happily liaison with our clients’ accountants on issues of importance throughout the year. By helping provide accurate financial statements in QuickBooks, we can save you significant CPA costs. All we need is your permission.